#50486 Improve the admin notices accessibility Administration normal defect (bug) 08/17/2021 #53152 wp_set_object_terms ampersand in term name Administration normal defect (bug) 08/15/2021 5.7.1 dev-feedback #49089 hook_suffix is undefined in WP_Screen class Administration normal defect (bug) 07/13/2021 5.3.1 has-patch #53325 Automated Update Failed Notice After Update is Done Administration minor defect (bug) 06/30/2021 5.7.2 needs-patch #53053 Unexpected email authorization Administration critical defect (bug) 04/18/2021 #52426 Columns Width-CSS Problem in Post and Page List Table Administration normal defect (bug) 04/18/2021 5.6 #53036 Require title or content before allowing save of Quick Draft Administration normal defect (bug) 04/16/2021 5.7.1 #53035 Copy suggested policy text to clipboard on click success message is not showing Administration normal defect (bug) 04/16/2021 has-patch #27473 Thickbox width and height parameters are ignored when using TB_iframe Administration normal defect (bug) 04/07/2021 3.8 #52919 Dashboard tabs issue on focus Administration normal defect (bug) 03/26/2021 5.7 #52871 Space added after the “option” tag on the options-writing.php file Administration normal defect (bug) 03/20/2021 has-patch #52611 Error searching post Administration normal defect (bug) 02/22/2021 5.6.1 #52448 wp_scheduled_delete WP-Cron Job Cannot Be Unscheduled Administration normal defect (bug) 02/05/2021 4.9 dev-feedback #52344 SVG images overflows UI Administration minor defect (bug) 02/02/2021 5.6 needs-patch #52020 Multisite Jquery Issues Administration critical defect (bug) 01/06/2021 #44710 Upload plugin and theme functionalities are not removing uploaded files after failure conditions. Administration normal defect (bug) 12/25/2020 4.9.7 needs-patch #52035 The `add_submenu_page()` position is ignored. Administration normal defect (bug) 12/14/2020 has-patch #45186 Admin notice jumps from above the H1 to below it when created. Administration normal defect (bug) 12/03/2020 4.9.8 needs-patch #51190 The display of the Media Uploads settings section should be improved Administration minor defect (bug) 11/09/2020 4.0 has-patch #50177 Writing Settings : Mail Server Port field overlap on small screens Administration normal defect (bug) 11/09/2020 5.3 has-patch #47830 Something prevents code edition of the theme through HTML on the theme editor for test automation purposes Administration major defect (bug) 11/05/2020 5.2.2 #51597 Add debugging of a single session Administration normal defect (bug) 10/22/2020 #51282 Select element does not honor admin color scheme on hover Administration minor defect (bug) 09/23/2020 5.5.1 has-patch #42486 The Tools screen is blank for users who cannot manage categories or tags Administration normal defect (bug) 09/03/2020 4.9 dev-feedback #50284 A fix to the CPT-no-create-when-submenu-child problem. Administration normal defect (bug) 08/25/2020 5.5 #50423 The expand icon at the bottom of the collapsed admin menu is not easily discoverable. Administration normal defect (bug) 08/03/2020 #50629 Problem with the “Site Address (URL)” field in the General Settings Screen Administration normal defect (bug) 07/11/2020 5.4.2 #50402 Admin notices: error messages should not be all bold Administration normal defect (bug) 07/03/2020 #49233 Settings admin screens: form fields issue on small screens audrasjb Administration normal defect (bug) 06/11/2020 #50252 Capability issue with admin menu Administration normal defect (bug) 05/26/2020 5.4.1 #50184 Proper margin for inputs in ‘Discussion Settings’ page mobile/tablet view Administration normal defect (bug) 05/16/2020 needs-patch #49933 Some classes have no specificity on the back end admin area Administration normal defect (bug) 04/22/2020 5.4 #43630 HAVING without GROUP BY in /wp-admin/includes/template.php Administration normal defect (bug) 04/15/2020 4.9.4 has-patch #49820 Input and select elements are misaligned in the admin area Administration trivial defect (bug) 04/13/2020 5.4 needs-patch #38805 A hook is missing in class WP_List_Table Administration major defect (bug) 04/08/2020 4.6.1 dev-feedback #43764 CS: Fix violations for admin-header.php Administration normal defect (bug) 04/03/2020 #49575 Responsive glitch with expanded side admin menu when moving down to small screen Administration normal defect (bug) 03/03/2020 #49569 Found Horizontal Scroll Issue in WordPress Core Version 5.3.2 on desktop Administration normal defect (bug) 03/03/2020 5.3.2 has-patch #49259 Improper Cache control Administration normal defect (bug) 02/24/2020 5.1.1 #45001 Relocate Admin Alerts to a new Alert Icon Administration normal defect (bug) 01/06/2020 dev-feedback #47788 send_headers hook does not work in wp-login or wp-admin Administration normal defect (bug) 10/20/2019 5.2.2 dev-feedback #48187 Missing admin color scheme causes incorrect body class Administration normal defect (bug) 09/30/2019 dev-feedback #48048 Parent pages are not visible in the Page Attributes metabox Administration normal defect (bug) 09/16/2019 5.2.3 needs-patch #47901 Admin menu variable is not always considered as global Administration normal defect (bug) 08/24/2019 dev-feedback #45130 Defer jQuery WordPress Admin & Customizer doesn’t work properly Administration normal defect (bug) 07/01/2019 needs-patch #47517 Left Navigation Disappeared Administration normal defect (bug) 06/11/2019 dev-feedback #47292 Heartbeat API cause Apache/PHP to exhaust memory Administration critical defect (bug) 05/16/2019 5.2 needs-patch #46364 update.php coding standards:trigger_error() function Administration normal defect (bug) 04/01/2019 has-patch #46250 smaller fonts for page navigation in admin in 5.1 Administration normal defect (bug) 03/22/2019 #43098 Defining WP_UNINSTALL_PLUGIN also when the uninstall handler is registered via register_uninstall_hook() Administration normal defect (bug) 01/17/2019 #43723 Sanitize user_contactmethods output Administration normal defect (bug) 01/17/2019 dev-feedback #45135 Dashboard Menu Conflict on Mobile Devices when menu is active Administration normal defect (bug) 10/24/2018 4.9.8 needs-patch #45013 Wrong links when installing in subdirectory = Administration normal defect (bug) 10/10/2018 4.9.8 has-patch #43844 PHP list language construct changed behaviour in PHP 7 SergeyBiryukov Administration major defect (bug) 08/12/2018 dev-feedback #29030 Screen Options Poor Update/Rendering Causes Many things to Break Administration normal defect (bug) 08/08/2018 3.9.1 dev-feedback #38304 It is not possible to filter posts by category or date on mobile devices Administration normal defect (bug) 04/23/2018 3.8 has-patch #43611 Duplicate _ajax_nonce input cause conflict between find_post_div and post_custom_div Administration normal defect (bug) 03/22/2018 4.9.4 #42833 WordPress forces non-ssl login in described circumstance even though FORCE_SSL_ADMIN is set in wp-config Administration normal defect (bug) 12/07/2017 4.9.1 #42527 Admin menus: PHP warning “open_basedir restriction…” when `_wp_menu_output` is called Administration normal defect (bug) 11/14/2017 4.8.3 #42080 get_site_url() does not always return the appropriate protocol Administration normal defect (bug) 11/09/2017 4.9 #42446 Bulk edits don’t update “last edited by…” which user Administration normal defect (bug) 11/06/2017 4.9 #34088 Add delay to admin menu arrow’s disappearance Administration normal defect (bug) 10/30/2017 4.3.1 has-patch #40701 Admin menu icon distorted in Chrome when #adminmenu folded Administration normal defect (bug) 06/22/2017 4.7.4 has-patch #53692 Inaccurate schema for the app_id property in the application-passwords endpoints Application Passwords normal defect (bug) 07/19/2021 5.6 needs-unit-tests #53234 Application password access text is misleading for Super Admins Application Passwords normal defect (bug) 05/19/2021 5.6 needs-patch #42696 Autosave Notification not dismissible Autosave normal defect (bug) 07/13/2021 4.2 dev-feedback #49859 Post autosave called multiple times Autosave major defect (bug) 04/09/2020 5.4 #47743 autosave locks db and is slow Autosave normal defect (bug) 07/20/2019 #39619 Firefox 50 is showing old “View autosave” dialog Autosave normal defect (bug) 10/01/2018 4.6.1 #40706 pasting text that has emojis into a new post breaks autosave and save draft Autosave normal defect (bug) 05/09/2017 4.7.4 #51507 Ability to use as a framework Bootstrap/Load normal defect (bug) 10/14/2020 #18525 zlib.output_compression “on” in server conflicts with autoupdate Bootstrap/Load normal defect (bug) 09/17/2020 3.2.1 dev-feedback #48328 IIS 7+ with standard FCGI an URL_REWRITE mangles REQUEST_URI Bootstrap/Load major defect (bug) 10/16/2019 5.2.3 #45958 Errors displayed on shutdown handler Bootstrap/Load normal defect (bug) 09/16/2019 has-patch #41180 ABSPATH definition – incorrect on chrooted vhost Bootstrap/Load normal defect (bug) 02/04/2019 4.8 has-patch #45948 WSOD protection message formatted incorrectly on windows Bootstrap/Load normal defect (bug) 01/11/2019 #45683 WP 5.0.1 Throwing Warning on site when running PHP 7.1 Bootstrap/Load normal defect (bug) 12/18/2018 5.0.1 #34634 Empty PHP_SELF causes 404 pages to load front page with 200 status code Bootstrap/Load normal defect (bug) 11/16/2018 2.0 has-patch #44766 Microsoft-IIS/6.0 problem with wp_fix_server_vars Bootstrap/Load major defect (bug) 08/09/2018 4.9.8 needs-patch #23221 Multisite in subdirectory with root site address Bootstrap/Load normal defect (bug) 01/21/2018 3.5 dev-feedback #42064 wp_crop_image() does not work when fopen() is disabled Build/Test Tools normal defect (bug) 08/11/2021 4.9 #53861 Promote a database error during test bootstrap to a failure Build/Test Tools normal defect (bug) 08/02/2021 needs-patch #53844 Fix four warnings in the test suite Build/Test Tools normal defect (bug) 07/30/2021 needs-patch #53842 Review the type of select return values Build/Test Tools normal defect (bug) 07/30/2021 dev-feedback #52331 Consider using more precise browser versions for `browserslist` Build/Test Tools normal defect (bug) 07/27/2021 4.9 dev-feedback #53781 Tests_Embed_Template tests fail when run in isolation Build/Test Tools minor defect (bug) 07/26/2021 needs-patch #53685 Update the `caniuse` database when running `grunt precommit:css` Build/Test Tools normal defect (bug) 07/19/2021 #52830 Tests: Uploads remain after running test suite. Build/Test Tools normal defect (bug) 03/17/2021 #52708 Loopback requests do not work on the local development environment Build/Test Tools normal defect (bug) 03/04/2021 needs-patch #52690 `npm install` aborts on Apple Silicon due to Puppeteer not finding appropriate chromium binary Build/Test Tools normal defect (bug) 03/02/2021 #51571 Output visible error when npm package is missing a dependency Build/Test Tools normal defect (bug) 12/15/2020 #51960 `grunt copy:dynamic` doesn’t copy all changed files Build/Test Tools normal defect (bug) 12/09/2020 #51898 why do i get error when follow wordpress/wordpress-develop github repository README.md Build/Test Tools normal defect (bug) 12/01/2020 #51446 CORS issues with QUnit while running tests Build/Test Tools normal defect (bug) 11/10/2020 5.5 dev-feedback #44107 wp_insert_user should return WP_Error if user_url’s length is too long Build/Test Tools normal defect (bug) 10/14/2020 needs-patch #48229 Console error when running QUnit Test Suite Build/Test Tools minor defect (bug) 10/01/2020 #45867 Simplify Tests_External_HTTP_Basic Integration Test Build/Test Tools normal defect (bug) 09/26/2020 #50342 Local development environment installation doesn’t wait for the mysql container to start Build/Test Tools normal defect (bug) 06/08/2020 5.3 needs-patch #49390 Update Grunt Patch to support saving credentials Build/Test Tools normal defect (bug) 02/09/2020 #48300 metadata registered using register_meta() do not persist through several tests Build/Test Tools normal defect (bug) 10/14/2019 5.1

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