mechanical developer keyboard Lorenzo LeoniniDevelopers may be interested in a new mechanical keyboard specifically designed to help boost comfort and productivity. Designed by Swiss and Italian designer Lorenzo Leonini the unique keyboard features aggressive staggering, ortholinear layout, a 15° angle, symmetric modifiers and more.

Backer early bird pledges are now available for the novel project from roughly $258 or £191 (depending on current exchange rates), offering a considerable discount of approximately 14% off the retail price, while the Kickstarter crowd funding is under way.

“The ADM42 is a premium mechanical keyboard that proves it is possible to combine ergonomic and usability in a compact format that can be used as your main keyboard at your office but also while traveling. The layout is particularly optimized for developers and keyboard centric users. The ADM42 is the result of 2 years of research, optimizations and refinements on every aspect: layout, firmware, electronics and case.”

features of the developer keyboard

ADM42 developer keyboard

With the assumption that the ADM42 crowd funding campaign successfully raises its required pledge goal and production progresses smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected to take place sometime around September 2022. To learn more about the ADM42 developer keyboard project view the promotional video below.

“The keyboard comes with a 2-year warranty. Electronic components have been carefully selected to last long and safety components are also included. They are common and possible to replace once the warranty is expired. The ADM42 uses standard switches and keycaps that can be easily replaced by compatible ones without soldering.

The USB-C cable can also be replaced. Many prototypes have been produced. Very few unknown remains. The main risk is probably electronic shortage. However, the ADM42 uses common components that are available most of the time. Some additional tests will be conducted to find the best manufacturer for the case.”

For a complete list of all available special pledges, stretch goals, extra media and technical specifications for the developer keyboard, jump over to the official ADM42 crowd funding campaign page by following the link below.

Physical features

  •  No hands movements – All the keys are at one key distance from the «home» position of each finger
  •  Thumbs keys – Thumbs manage many of the most important keys: SPACE, BACKSPACE, ENTER, ESC, SHIFT and other layer access – The good news is that thumbs are part of our best fingers!
  • Spacing and 15° angle between hands
  • Ortholinear layout – Reduce finger stress by having keys aligned with them
  • Aggressive staggering – Especially important for the pinkies
  • Blank keycaps: keep your eyes on the screen ! Don’t worry, not having to move hands, they will always be at the right place. Just print the layout and place it in front of you while you are learning it.
  • Flat – Your hands are closer to their natural position
  • Standard full-size MX switches

Layout features

  • Symmetry of all modifiers (SUPER/CTRL/ALT/SHIFT and layer keys)
  •  Smart timings – Enhancement of dual-function keys based on context to determine which behavior is expected (hold or tap), essential for fast typists
  • Easy key combinations using SHIFT on thumbs
  • Control/Tab on the home row
  • Special characters position is optimized for developers
  • The «vi workflow» – ESC on the thumb, arrows on HJKL, …

Source : Kickstarter

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