Why would there be any demand for this, when Everdrive has been selling for over a decade? People want the old hardware, without the fuss of cartridges!

So … put an Everdrive in your Pocket? Will work just fine, get the best of both worlds.


If you want new hardware, then why not just buy any RockChip 3326 clone of this system, and make the games cartridge-less?? There’s a huge community of different front-ends to choose from, all running on low-latency Ububtu.
Certainly always an option. It comes with a lot of compromises, up to you if they matter or not. That screen isn’t going to give you the experience the Pocket does, that’s for sure. What that’s worth to you is a personal choice.


It’s a lot harder to maker the pitch for FPGA cart-only portable systems, when most of these hardcore FPGA emulation systems OWNERS also make sure that their cartridges are properly cared for and stored on a shelf (as-opposed to portable carts shove in a pocket, or purse, matching case completely forgotten).

This is just made up nonsense. You don’t know what most owners do, you’re just inventing a bias for some reason.

FPGA isn’t magic. But it does tend to be used in systems or by developers who sweat the details, and care about accuracy. That personally appeals to me. I’d have no problem throwing an Everdrive in something like this. I don’t have nostalgia for a shelf full of carts, I’m just happy to pay a little extra for a better experience if I’m going to hold something in my hand and use it for more than a few hours.

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