Rarely do I come across a product so ingenious that it literally causes me to drop my jaw. The KiTiDOT is one of those products.

Simply put, KiTiDOT is a cat collar with a laser pointer built into the front. Sort of like suspending a carrot in front of a horse to get it to move forward, the KiTiDOT projects a laser dot right in front of your cat, bamboozling it for potentially hours at an end. Since the laser light is mounted to your cat, the dot moves every time your cat does. In other words, your cat effectively entertains itself so you don’t have to step away from your work to keep your pet occupied. It also means you may have to watch out for any breakable objects around your house because there’s no saying how things could turn out!

Designer: Cheerble

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Think of the KiTiDOT as the reverse of a catnip collar. While catnip calms your pet down, KiTiDOT keeps them active and gets all the zoomies out of them so they don’t stomp all over your keyboard while you’re working. The collar is made from TPU and features an adjustable laser light that can be switched on or off or even put in flicker mode for maximum bamboozlement. Hopefully though the light won’t catch you or your other cat in the eye, but given how mobile and active cats can be around lasers, there’s very little chance that the laser dot will ever remain motionless enough to really cause any damage. Moreover, the light switches off on its own after half an hour because that’s more than enough HIIT cardio for a day even by human standards…

The KiTiDOT cat collar comes with a size-adjustable design, fitting large cats and even small kittens comfortably. The laser light on the front can be angle-adjusted up to 45° and is rechargeable via USB-C for up to 5 hours of entertainment on a full battery. However, we aren’t responsible for any broken vases or spilled cups of coffee. That aside, isn’t it just a brilliant idea?!

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