Discerning Cyclist aims to put an end to the notion that cycling clothes are inherently ugly.

“We don’t want cycling clothes, we want stylish clothes you can cycle in.”

It was with that shared thought between Ste Johnson and Pete Reynolds that brought Discerning Cyclist to life in 2012. Since then, we’ve been trying to find the stylish cycling clothes for urban commuters.

Discerning Cyclist has nothing to do with the sport of cycling. Sure, I respect it a tonne. But this site is about encouraging everyday people to get on every day bikes in everyday situations wearing everyday-looking clothes.

There’s nothing I like more than stylish cycling gear that doesn’t look like bicycle clothing.

There’s no pomposity at Discerning Cyclist, we just like to ride our typical clothes when we’re riding about town rather looking like cyclists. We’re just people on bikes. Secret cyclists, if you like.

The term “stylish cycling clothes” could also be changed out for “casual cycling clothing” – I use the word stylish to get away from the idea of sporty cyclists in Lycra. Cycling is simply a great way of moving, regardless of how fast you’re travelling.

There’s definitely a time for performance cycling clothes. I’m not expecting sporty cyclists to be competing in cycling jeans and a fetching tee, after all.

Discerning Cyclist simply tries to show that you can cycle leisurely without the need for a change of clothes when you reach your destination.

No. If you’re cycling on a level surface at a leisurely pace, it’s no more taxing on the body than walking. Take your time, enjoy the ride and look great at your destination – feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

To help you find the best urban cycling clothing brands in the UK and beyond, get started with our stylish cycling clothes guides.

This article originally appeared on https://discerningcyclist.com/