On this page, you can get the current NESmaker downloads.  The version dates are listed on the right to help you know if you are up to date.  The NESmaker Version contains the software, which your activation code can unlock.  For 32 bit operating systems, use the 32bit link.  All other uses, use the 64bit link.  The core will be updated from time to time.  To update it, simply download the zip and copy its contents onto your GameEngineDataRoutines folder, replacing any files that need replacing.  It is wise to backup any custom scripts you may have created or edited prior to replacing a core, and restoring them if needed.  The Module folder link contains the latest iteration of modules for this version of NESmaker.  Sometimes, a slight tweak needs to be made, in which case a module may need to be replaced.  Also, new modules may be added.  You can download the current module zip and copy its contents into your modules folder, overwriting old versions where applicable.  It is wise to backup any customizations that you have made to modules prior to replacing them, and restoring them if needed.

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