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Buying An Electric Bike

They’re everywhere, and now more than ever, people are reaping the benefits of an eco friendly, cost effective and healthy mode of transport.

In light of the recent year we’ve had, electric bikes have shone through the clouds of the pandemic as THE mode of transport to use, backed by a Government plea to refrane from using public transport & make the most of our daily exercise – pretty much everything an electric bike stands for! Through natural technology progression and the evergrowing demand for development over the years, the playing field has expanded to cater for everyone, for every lifestyle.

So What Kind Of Electric Bike Suits My Lifestyle Best?

Perhaps you’re a city go-er who’s tired of the manic tube rush and congestion charges? Someone with limited storage and a commute that doesnt quite justify hopping in the car? A Folding Electric Bike could solve all of your problems.

Maybe you’re a once savvy cyclist who’s looking to reignite an old flame, but you’re running low on fuel? You’ll find that assisted adrenaline in an Electric Mountain Bike.

You perhaps live out in the sticks with shops few & far between, but errand runs don’t warrant a car? You might require a machine that caters for a hybrid of purpose, a comfortable & reliable means of transport that won’t break the bank? Check out our Hybrid Electric Bikes! Our Basis brand is a great place to start, and no middle-man, means no middle fee!

For fun, as well as practicality. Although an E-Bike is seen as a solution by most, there are some Brands and models that are designed purely for smiles per gallon. e-MTB has evolved to a ridiculous level, with models from the likes of Haibike pushing up to 120NM torque with some of the most innovative technology in the industry. Promoted by professional MTB riders like Sam Pilgrim & Matt Jones, e-MTB could now be described as the new age. So, if you’re fuelled by adrenaline and fancy a little extra mayhem, a Competative Electric Mountain Bike could tick all of your boxes! Haibike, Lapierre, Merida & Cube are great Brands to start with.


A common misconception with Electric Bikes is the cost… Many will be deterred by the ‘Electric’ tag as that usually screams expensive, but nowadays you can spend as little as £700, which, is a pretty average cost for a tradition MTB really! While it may not be oozing with branded componentry and a whopping battery range, for this money you’ll still find a reliable companion with plenty of juice to get you from A-B, and perhaps back to A!

Basis Electric Bikes

Basis Electric Bikes is the E-Bikes Direct homebaked and exclusive entry level E-Bike brand. Our brand ethos is to provide a broad range of affordable and reliable bikes that appeal to riders of all corners of the spectrum. Starting with the Basis Osprey Folder and Beacon e-MTB which proved immensely popular to city g-ers and adventurists, we’ve grown the brand yearly, adding models of different styling and purpose to form a well-rounded & established range. Newest to the fleet as of March 2021 is the Basis Cardinal Step Through Hybrid, which features a generous 13Ah battery, unisex comfort gemoetry and suspension forks that make it’s sub-£1500 price tag seem like a typo?! Check out the full Basis Electric Bike range!

Electric Trikes & Cargo Bikes

Adapting as the industry does. We’ve seen a growing demand for the once niche pockets of electric assisted vehicles such as E-Cargo Bikes & E-Trikes. With food delivery taking the wold by storm and built up areas suffering from pollution and congestion, Cargo bikes are depicted by commercial corporations as THE solution, which, given the heavily weighted pro’s is no wonder. We’re expanding this pocket of the industry in real time, so keep an eye out!

Electric Tricycles are a great solution to cycling stability issues. Usually formed around an easy-entry frame with handy storage and all of the usual E-Bike goodies, these may appeal to those adventurists with a declining confidence on 2 wheels. Although not as widely stocked, see our Electric Trike range or get in touch to enquire and we’ll see how we can help.

In a nut shell, regardless of budget, purpose or rider specifics, we’ve something to suit all, down to an E.

E-Bikes Direct

E-Bikes Direct was the brainchild of founder Matt Flanagan when he was visiting China in 2004. There he saw electric bikes on nearly every street corner as the people of the country had already clearly embraced the machines as a favoured urban mode of transport. After importing a handful of Chinese e-bikes in 2005 and discovering a definite market in the UK, Matt invested his time and energy into developing E-Bikes Direct into the UK’s leading electric bikes retailer. We now stock the most comprehensive range of e-bikes of any retailer nationwide.

Having been selling E-Bikes for more than a decade now, we’ have’ve the in depth experience and expertise to help you find a bike that suits you and your lifestyle requirements, perfectly.

We offer:

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