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Rollers! Today we conclude the unboxing for Euthia: Torment of Resurrection as I take a look at all the deluxe components, organizers and extras found within the Legendary Collection box. Hope this helps those awaiting it’s arrival to get a better idea of everything inside and for those contemplating backing it in its future reprint! Stay tuned for some gameplay coverage as well. Thanks for watching and as always keep on rolling solo my friends! ;D

FYI: It’s worth mentioning that all contents from the Legendary Tier II pledge (two boxes) will fit into a single box once organized.

Intro 0:00
Overview 0:38
Box Exterior 1:27
Unboxing 2:00
Included Components 3:02
Dice, Coins & Sleeves Up Close 3:12
Elemental Miniature Box 4:44
Elemental Minis Up Close 5:40
Organizer 6:37
Organizer Up Close 7:45
Conclusion 8:37
Rolling Solo Producers 9:19

“You will face the threat of three mighty dragons born from the darkness of magic Faer, and in doing so, will have to deal with monsters and dangerous creatures plaguing the land. Search for legendary artifacts. Experience nature’s raw elemental power as it influences your steps. Fulfill quests to help the struggling people of Euthia.

There are plenty of strategic options on your side. Choose from a wide range of armor, weapons, spells, and magical jewelry. An open playstyle allows for every hero to play the way they choose. A branching chain of skills allows for hero customization – for example, playing as the warrior Dral, you could be a master in various weapons, a furious fighter, a prospector, a traveler, or a bit of all of them.

Euthia: Torment of Resurrection is a competitive strategic board game where you take the role of one of five heroes. Your hero wanders through an open-world of fantasy landscape represented by the modular tile-based map. On each turn, players use action tokens which can be spent on either combat, trade, mining, or used for movement.

At the beginning of every game, you will choose one of three scenarios to play. Each scenario represents an attempt to kill or repel one of the mighty dragons. Successfully repelling or killing the dragon will provide the hero with reputation, as does most of the actions the player performs throughout the game. The hero with the highest reputation at the end of the game is the winner.”

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Created By: Adam Smith
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