Flare EARS: Mirror Image Sound

This campaign is a world first. We are going to change the way people listen to sound and allow everyone to go on a magical, transformative journey. With our new technology you will experience your favourite music like you have never heard it before.

From the moment that humans were able to start communicating using sound, there has been a desire to listen. In fact, some of the earliest listening spaces date from as long ago as 80 BC. People would gather to listen in areas such as caves or amphitheatres that were built specifically to help us hear more clearly. Voices and musical instruments helped people to express emotion, tell stories and share experiences.

As the world has advanced, the desire to hear more detail remains. There has been incredible progress visually, with retina screens and high-definition televisions, but our ability to hear higher levels of detail has not progressed at the same rate.  Modern technology is used to retrospectively ‘correct’ sound electronically in order to try to improve the experience.

But what if we could work with our ears to hear more detail than ever before…?

Welcome to the world of Mirror Image Sound™

Mirror Image Sound™ Technology

The patent-pending technology we have developed allows us all to hear mirror image sound for the first time. Our unique design works by treating sound like light – very similar to the way a periscope reflects light. Our technology allows us to bypass the irregular bends and shapes in our ears so that we can deliver mirror image sound directly.

Proof of concept earphones, the E-Prototype.

Last year we produced a proof of concept, the E-Prototype showcasing our new technology. This enabled people to hear mirror image sound for the first time. The response has been overwhelming and the reviews speak for themselves so we started work on designing a range of affordable earphones that everyone could enjoy.

Visit the Flare website to check out E-Prototype.

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