With an initial goal of $60,000 USD, the Friday Night Funkin Kickstarter campaign is now at over $500,000 USD with backers still pledging.

It can’t be denied that Friday Night Funkin is one of the most popular recent games to come from Newgrounds. With its most recent update resulting in traffic that crashed Newgrounds itself, it can’t be denied that there is a very sizable fanbase for this currently free title.

Considering the popularity of Friday Night Funkin in its current state it only makes sense for a Kickstarter campaign to be launched for a full version. The campaign was created by the game’s team made up of Ninjamuffin99, PhantomArcade, KawaiSprite, and EvilSk8r with a goal of $60,000 USD. This goal however was quickly smashed with there currently being over $500,000 USD in pledges at the time of this writing.


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Like many other Kickstarter campaigns, Friday Night Funkin has many stretch goals with multiple already being hit. The ones that have currently been reached are for a mobile build of the game, a custom character creator in-game, a sharing network for custom songs and characters, and fully animated cutscenes. If funding continues at the rate its currently going, it is very possible for backers to see even more playable weeks, online multiplayer, 10 more playable characters, and a new difficulty setting.

Those who pledge their support for Friday Night Funkin are able to earn a variety of rewards depending on the amount of money pledged. These possible rewards include a heart-felt thanks, a non-heartfelt thanks, the pledger’s name in the credits, a digital art book, a copy of the finished game, an enamel pin, the soundtrack on cassette tape, CD, and vinyl, game poster, and much more. With how fast its been funded there are also multiple rewards that have been completed bought out such as the Pico Newgrounds stickers, Tankman statue, Boyfriend Statue, personalized illustration, having a custom background character in-game, creating a custom game intro message, and having one’s own playable character.


The game itself is planned to add 20 new playable weeks after the Kickstarter’s funding period for the full game. This means that there are planned to be at least 60 new playable songs for players to enjoy. Plans are also set in place for more gameplay mechanics, playable characters, game polishing, and better mod support.

With what’s already been seen with Friday Night Funkin, this Kickstarter project is exciting for many. There is a lot to look forward to in this game’s development history now that there are clear goals available for all to see and proper funding being given.

Friday Night Funkin is available to play for free on Newgrounds and Itch.io.


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