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JSON.parse(‘{“session_client”:”web”,”session_country”:”GB”,”session_device_type”:”desktop”,”session_platform”:”web”,”session_display_language”:”en”,”session_user_is_logged_in”:false,”session_variants_optimizely”:[],”session_os”:”mac”,”session_variants_internal”:[“react_backer_rewards_public_release[control]”],”session_browser”:”Firefox_55.0″,”project_backers_count”:61,”project_category”:”Design”,”project_comments_count”:9,”project_country”:”SG”,”project_creator_uid”:”1741981581″,”project_currency”:”SGD”,”project_current_amount_pledged_usd”:38540.57,”project_deadline”:”2022-07-07T09:00:06-04:00″,”project_duration”:30,”project_goal_usd”:36024.61,”project_has_add_ons”:true,”project_has_video”:true,”project_hours_remaining”:625,”project_is_repeat_creator”:true,”project_launched_at”:”2022-06-07T09:00:06-04:00″,”project_name”:”From Anywhere to Everywhere, AUDRIC STRIDER leads the way!!”,”project_percent_raised”:106,”project_pid”:”1097708282″,”project_prelaunch_activated”:true,”project_rewards_count”:5,”project_state”:”live”,”project_subcategory”:”Product Design”,”project_tags”:””,”project_updates_count”:0}’); if (false) { context = JSON.parse(‘null’); properties = { …properties, …context }; } analytics.track(“Page Viewed”, {context_page: “”, …properties}, { context: { library: { name: “analytics-js” } } }) } } }}(); ]]>From Anywhere to Everywhere, AUDRIC STRIDER leads the way!! by AUDRIC Watches — Kickstarter 0 && performanceEntries[0].type == ‘back_forward’ ) { window.location.reload(); } ]]> Line icon alert icon Artboard Copy 8 arrow-down icon arrow-down arrow-left icon arrow-left arrow-point-left icon Fill 1 Copy 5 arrow-point-right icon Fill 1 arrow-right icon arrow-right arrow-up-right icon icon–arrow-up-right copy banner icon Rectangle 2 bar-chart icon Artboard Copy 6 bell icon Combined Shape Copy 5 book icon Artboard Copy 3 bookmark icon Fill 1 brand-assets icon Artboard Copy 13 cart icon Artboard Copy 4 chat icon chat check icon Fill 1 Copy 6 circle-back icon Fill 1 Copy 13 circle-forward icon Fill 1 Copy 16 circle-k icon circle-k circle-left icon circle-left circle-right icon circle-right clipboard icon Artboard Copy 12 clock icon Combined Shape close icon close closed-caption icon Fill 1 compass icon Combined Shape Copy 2 conversion icon conversion delta-down icon Fill 1 delta-left icon delta-right icon Fill 1 delta-up icon Fill 1 duplicate icon duplicate embed icon Combined Shape Copy 6 eye icon Combined Shape Copy 12 facebook-contained icon Facebook Contained facebook icon Facebook logo flag icon Fill 1 Copy 3 gear icon Fill 1 Copy 14 global-africa icon Fill 1 Copy 9 global-america icon Fill 1 Copy 10 global-asia icon Fill 1 Copy 17 graph-bar icon Combined Shape Copy 9 graph-line icon Combined Shape Copy 16 heart icon Fill 1 Copy 8 help icon human icon icon–human icon–alarm icon icon–alarm icon–alert icon icon–alert 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icon–heart outline icon–heart-thin-outline icon Fill 1 icon–heart icon icon–heart icon–home-with-door icon icon–home icon icon–home icon–human icon icon–human icon–humans icon icon–humans icon–image icon icon–image icon–inbox icon icon–inbox icon–info icon icon–info icon–instagram icon icon/instagram icon–lightbulb icon icon–lightbulb icon–link icon icon–link icon–lock-black-bg icon lock-icon icon–lock icon icon–lock icon–mail icon icon–mail icon–meh-filled icon icon–meh icon icon–message icon icon–message icon–milestone-dfm icon icon–milestone-idea icon icon–milestone-preprod icon icon–milestone-prod icon icon–milestone-proof-of-concept icon icon–milestone-working-prototype icon icon–mobile icon icon–mobile icon–overflow icon icon–overflow icon–pause icon icon–pause icon–pencil icon icon–pencil icon–pin icon icon–pin icon–pinterest icon icon–pinterest icon–play icon icon–play icon–plus-human icon icon–plus-human icon–plus icon icon–plus icon–prohibit icon icon–prohibit icon–project-budget icon icon–pull-quote icon icon–pull-quote icon–question-filled icon icon–question-filled icon–question icon icon–question icon–reorder icon icon-reorder icon–reply icon icon–reply icon–reward icon icon–save icon icon–save icon–saved icon icon–saved icon–search icon icon–search icon–section-break icon icon–section-break icon–small-k icon icon–sound-hi icon icon–sound-hi icon–sound-lo icon icon–sound-lo icon–sound-mute icon icon–sound-mute icon–star-outline icon Star Outline icon–star icon icon–star icon–subtitles-captions icon icon–subtitles-captions icon–text-bold icon icon–text-bold icon–text-bullet icon icon–text-bullet icon–text-italic icon icon–text-italic icon–textalign-centered icon icon–textalign-centered icon–textalign-right icon icon–textalign-right icon–thumbs-down icon icon–thumbs-down icon–thumbs-up icon icon–thumbs-up icon–thumbsdown-outline icon icon–thumbsdown-outline icon–thumbsup-outline icon icon–thumbsup-outline icon–trash icon icon–trash icon–tumblr icon icon–tumblr icon–twitter icon icon–twitter icon–unlink icon Artboard icon–unlock icon icon–unlock icon–update-freeform-round icon icon–update-freeform-round icon–update-freeform icon icon–update-freeform icon–update-pinned icon Artboard icon–update-qa-round icon icon–update-qa-round icon–update-qa icon icon–update-qa icon–upload icon icon–upload icon–video icon icon–video icon–youtube icon icon–youtube icon-imagealign-center icon icon-imagealign-center icon-imagealign-left icon icon-imagealign-left icon-imagealign-right icon icon-imagealign-right info icon Combined Shape Copy instagram icon instagram copy kickstarter icon Artboard Copy 5 leaf icon leaf lightbulb icon icon–lightbulb link icon Combined Shape Copy 8 loading-spin icon lock icon Combined Shape Copy 4 mail icon Combined Shape map-pin icon Fill 1 message icon Fill 1 Copy 12 mobile icon Page 1 Copy 2 pause icon pause copy pencil icon Combined Shape Copy 3 pin icon Combined Shape Copy 11 pinterest icon pinterest play icon play copy plus-human icon icon–plus-human plus icon Fill 1 Copy 7 question icon Combined Shape Copy 14 search icon Fill 1 Copy 11 shapeshift icon share icon Fill 1 Copy slash icon solid-arrow icon solid-arrow sound-hi icon Combined Shape sound-lo icon Combined Shape sound-mute icon Combined Shape star icon Fill 1 Copy 2 stopwatch icon Group 2 thumbs-up icon Shape tools icon Shape trash icon Combined Shape tumblr icon tumblr copy twitter icon twitter copy user icon Artboard Copy 10 volume-up icon Artboard Copy 9 warning icon Combined Shape Copy 10 write icon Artboard Copy 11 x icon Fill 1 Copy 4 youtube icon Combined Shape

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