Transparency is necessary to avoid any confusion about our products. Thanks to travels spent meeting the best suppliers and working with them to understand their process for months before our first prototypes, we design, source and manufacture our components in 3 different regions: Hong Kong and Japan for most of the components, Italy for our straps and accessories. All our products are imagined, designed, pre-prototyped in Geneva, Switzerland, in our design studio, a few meters from the workshops of François Borgel and Taubert & Fils, who were among the greatest case manufacturers by the past (patent of the first waterproof screwed caseback with gasket in 1931). With more than 10 years working for prestigious brands, sometimes even on unique projects for independent watchmakers, we design our watches with the same extreme attention for details, without minimising the overall experience. Finally, we are proud to say that we develop and design in-house our 3D renderings, marketing content and pre-prototypes as well as our website, which allows us to be efficient and fast on the launch of new collections.

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