Having sorely missed owning a chase bike at my first real freeflight gathering, I decided to put together something that will get the job done and settled on the Himiway Cruiser e-bike. It has decent low speed off road abilities, lots of hill climbing torque for a 750w class geared hub motor, and plenty of range for a days worth of retrieving unless you are flying one model after another all day in a high wind. They advertise 30 to 60 miles depending on whether you use a lot of motor or pedal assist, and that’s probably for an average rider weight around 160lbs. My experience so far is closer to 25 with generous motor use in hilly terrain and a rider that is 235lbs. I’d probably see around 45 on hard flat ground/pavement and minimal pedaling effort.

But that’s not quite good enough for a trip from north Austin to south Austin and back on motor alone so I’m already expanding the battery capacity with a parallel battery balancer and a second, larger battery. I’ll be running a 48V 37.5Ah battery system when it’s installed which should give me a minimum range of 50 miles without even thinking about pedaling, about 100 on hard flat surface with minimal effort, and an average rider in good shape would see something like 150 miles between charging if using the entire capacity. I hope to extend the battery cell lives by keeping the charge state somewhere between 50-90% other than those few times when I know I’ll need access to the full range.

After about 30 miles on the factory battery, I gotta say it’s a dang fine e-bike for the money. Himiway has done a lot to respond to early complaints and have a really solid product now as far as I can tell. Just don’t expect it to be a hardcore trail bike. It’s capable but it’s very heavy and made more for long range cruising.

Oh! And don’t forget to look up the pedal assist reprogramming videos on Youtube and following the instructions before riding your bike. Although Himiway has upgraded and changed a lot of things, they still have very aggressive factory settings. If you want fine control, you’ll have to reprogram.

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