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After raising $338,000, a Kickstarter vet explains the process for setting up a Kickstarter campaign.

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in this episode of BuraTech, I’ll talk about how I made over $338,000 on Kickstarter and how you can, too! I’ll also give you 6 tips to making a successful Kickstarter.

I’ve been making Kickstarters since 2015 and have made quite a bit of money to fund each project to its maximum potential.

The first rule of making money is: If you can make consistent income over time, your overall income will accumulate. Our Kickstarters have ranged in profit from $5,000 to $110,000.

Sometimes you have a good idea for a Kickstarter, and it falls completely flat on its face. This is a good lesson for anyone to learn about entrepreneurship.

How do you make a successful Kickstarter?

First, design a product in demand, and market it well. You can’t expect the product to sell itself, nor for the marketing page to sell any product.

How to avoid failing on Kickstarter? As a programmer and producer, I’m a fan of testing. Learn about testing and more tips for Kickstarter success in today’s BuraTech video.

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