A few weeks ago I was told by an artist that creative types with his focus being mainly on artists suffer from depression a lot more than any one else, which is why we can’t form meaningful relationships, friends or marriages and why most of us tend to “self delete” in our 40s or if we’re lucky our 50s…I for one intend to go FULL Howard Hughes around age 45…

R.A Saboteur

Overheard in Gamestop

Man: Yeah we’re selling all these Xbox games so my two boys can go buy the family another TV, which they stole and sold.

Woman not minding her own damn business: Excuse me but…that’s really mean! How would you like it if someone sold your things!?

Man: Well…I bought all these games anyway soooo…

Woman: That STILL doesn’t give yo the right to sell their things!

Me to myself: We’re not going to make it as a species are we?

But that won’t stop the Comics’ MOST Educated bullpen of know-it-alls from bringing you a Tuesday evening show! Enter: Indie Volt LIVEWIRE!
Witness questions and lectures, behold art heretofore unseen and ummm, look we’ll figure something out.

Tonights campaigns:
Laurent Valles Jr: Sacrifice 1 & 2

CHris Fisk: Infinitale Chronicles The War of the trees

Jonathan Hop: An Evil Queen Rules With An Iron Fist

Rob Multari: Snow Paw

Lola( Indie princess): Lure

This video originally appeared on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFIFa14Vxdc