modular robot platformmodular robot platformIf you are interested in robotics and building your very own robot you may be interested in the Kenji-X1 open source modular robotics platform. Specifically created to provide an easy-to-use platform for monitoring and terrain exploration applications on land, the modular robotic system can easily be modified to suit your requirements and features a camera, obstacle avoidance technology, mapping, mechanical arms, sensors, wireless connectivity with a chassis and components made from industrial grade materials.

Kenji-X1 modular robot features and specifications

  • Kenji-X1  has open-source APIs and widely available components on the market to help you and everyone else (students, developers and makers) jump-start into tele-robotics development.
  •  We have equipped Kenji-X1 with payload containers, retractable and flexible multi-segment manipulators, grippers to handle, carry, load/unload objects.
  •  Kenji-X1 is modular! … and doesn’t have a unibody construction as the most market solutions therefore you can configure it according to your applications demand.
  •  Design inspired by nature and “decapod crustaceans” lifeforms, aka ocean crab, which is naturally evolved to be agile in numerous challenging terrains (sea, seashores, sandy beaches, rocks, caves).modular robot platform featuresmodular robot platform features

Early bird pledges are now available for the creative project from roughly $2349 or £1740 (depending on current exchange rates), offering a considerable discount of approximately 32% off the recommended retail price, while the Kickstarter crowd funding is under way.

“Experimenting with technologies and creative ideas have materialized them into Kenji-X1 land drone or UGV (unmanned ground vehicle) enabling new horizons for Human-Machine Interaction studies. It is an adaptable platform, and gives user freedom, flexibility to expand and build upon. Purpose built to be a „Truly Modular“ platform, designed for automation, learning, monitoring and exploration. Kenji-X1 offers a lot of possibilities right out of the box. Its a self-contained package which will keep you busy for long time. But in case you still feel that you want more, you can load even more hardware or modules upon desire. The Power-Velcro allows you to attach payload containers effortlessly, and additionally you have standard screw mounting holes on frame.”

With the assumption that the Kenji-X1 crowd funding campaign successfully raises its required pledge goal and the project progresses smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected to take place sometime around July 2022. To learn more about the Kenji-X1 modular robot platform project view the promotional video below.

“With an uptime of more than 6 hours, the operator has an access to multi-segment flexible and high-powered manipulators, onboard high-precision optical measurement systems, IR-distance sensors, camera, environmental sensors which enable operator to engage Kenji-X1 into generating real-world data right away, eliminating the need to purchase expensive and complicated external instrumentation.

SLAM, conductive sensing and logging of vibrations, streaming environmental data over the network, storing and evaluating onboard, as well as streaming is possible. It has been designed around the most popular and affordable hardware on the market, and is fault-tolerant, hackable and repair-friendly system.”

For a complete list of all available early bird specials, stretch goals, extra media and more features for the modular robot platform, jump over to the official Kenji-X1 crowd funding campaign page by clicking the link below.

Source : Kickstarter

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