Free-Bags-For-Life Campaign,

We want to thank everyone who have supported us and backed the Bag-Ready System. We are extremely excited to announce to all of our backers and future Bag-Ready System owners about our Latest offer and Coolest Addition to the Bag-Ready System project. We call it the “FreeBagsForLife” program.

Once we have sold FIVE (5) Million Bins or more, immediately all of our current backers including our new Kickstarter supporters of the Bag-Ready System bins will be receiving Free-Bags-For-Life for as long as you own your bin.

Sharing is CARING. We will need your full support and help in order to reach this very exciting goal. It is as simple as sharing the Bag-Ready System Kickstarter Campaign to all of your friends on Social Networks and your Social media pages and remember to Hash-Tag #FreeBagsForLife. That is it!!!

When you Like, Share, Comment, or allocating your personal time to read different articles and contents on any of the social networking sites, you do not get paid anything. But instead the companies are making money off from the videos and content you have shared through your participation and time contribution on their site.

Now it is your chance to make money back and for yourself. By helping us reach our goal through your Social Networks, you will in turn be paid with Free-Bags-For-Life for as long as you own the bins. Whether you own 1 bin or a 1000 bins, Free Bags will be supplied to your doorsteps at no charge without any interruption or the unnecessary trips to the grocery store. All you pay Shipping & Handling for the products.

Once you have setup your account on our Free-Bags-For-Life website, Receiving your free bags will be as simple as logging on and setting the rate in which the bags will arrive.

Based on the latest Statistic there are approximately 2.5 billion Internet Users worldwide with over 70% of them using the Internet every single day. With the astounding number of users who are connected to the Internet daily, and those who are active in Social Media, this will be possible for all of us to obtain and to achieve success for the Free-Bags-For-Life Campaign.

With the average family size home being 3 – 4 and spending hundreds of dollars on trash bags each year including janitorial services and companies spending thousands of dollars yearly. With Free-Bags-For-Life program’s incentive, no longer will you be spending anymore money of your own as your bags will be delivered right to your front door for FREE.

Sharing is Caring!!! Please consider joining US and our journey so by making a pledge today, share the Free-Bags-For-Life campaign’s incentive, we will make sure you are among the FIRST backer to receive the world’s MOST convenience Bag-Ready System bin. Again, Thank you for your support. With Bag Ready Systems, Let the only thing you are throwing away be the Actual Garbage.

Best Regards,
The BRS Team

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