Ever been on vacation, at the airport or out in public and don’t have access to an outlet or charger? Josh Cross has brought some sweet products to Kickstarter. GoPlug has products ranges from a pouch with USB cables to a computer bag to a camera backpack to a camera roller case. But these aren’t your ordinary bags or rollers. They have built-in battery powered outlets! You can charge your camera battery, cellphones, tablets to powering your laptop. It even features a charging pass-through which means you can charge the bag as well as your device at the same time.

It uses a 12v LiPo battery (replaceable) and is waterproof. There’s even a extension cord to allow you to charge the battery. He’s taken it on to planes and it has passed TSA checks. He is in the process of getting it TSA approved.

Visit http://www.1kindphotography.com/2014/04/kickstarter-goplug-powered-bags.html for more information about the GoPlug


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