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You’re gonna have to sleep sometime…

A generator that needs to keep generating, a boiler that needs to keep heating, food to keep from starving and trusted companions to make it off this outpost. Trusted companions…trust…thats the thing with all of this. An alien lifeform is around us and can look like whatever it assimilates. So are you who you are? Can I trust you? Can I trust myself?!?!?

Come join the team as we try to make it off Outpost 31 with just us humans or ermmm us aliens? We’ll do a playthrough and see how the game plays to help you decide if you might want to back on Kickstarter. As always, we look forward to your comments and thoughts. Be sure to hit subscribe button if you haven’t yet!

Game type: Semi-cooperative, hidden roles survival game
Run time: 60-120 mins
Number of players: 1-8 Players
Creator/ Designer: Giuseppe Cicero, Andrea Crespi
Artist/Illustrator: Davide Corsi, Riccardo Crosa
Publisher: Pendragon Game Studio

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