kimblade reinvented wiper blade

Reinvented wiper blade reinforced by Carbon Nanotube & Graphene. Never mind wipers.

There are various merits if a car wiper blade is made out of silicon materials. One thing for sure is that you can check soft movement and the other one is that water repellent coating can be constantly applied onto the glass.
Highly stable and strong special silicone prevents deformation and corrosion even when exposed to outdoor conditions for a long time.

How long will you regret not changing the wipers when driving in the rain?

KIMBLADE have applied customized materials in two parts – one is where smooth movement is needed, and another is where it is in direct contact with the water-repellent coated glass. 
Wiper blades have a complex structure with each component serving its own function. The upper part of the wiper blade is made of flexible and durable material that securely holds the wiper blade and allows it to be used for a long time without tearing. KIMBLADE’s core technology, CNT-reinforced special silicone, is used at the tip of the blade, which touches the glass directly and wipes rain and water off the glass. The specially reinforced silicone minimizes tearing from foreign substances, works smoothly on the glass, and forms a coating film on the glass surface.

Silicone is considered safe for use in high-temperature applications, so it can withstand high fluctuations in temperature when rubber cannot. 

kimblade reinvented wiper blade - carbon overview
Carbon takes on many different forms (diamond, charcoal, pencil lead, graphene, etc.), depending on the atomic arrangement. CNT is the next-generation material that has a tube-shaped atomic arrangement and has high strength, as well as thermal and electrical conductivity. Like reinforcing bars in concrete, CNT can be added to silicone as a reinforcing material to make CNT-silicon a composite material. This composite material was used to make the wiper blade so as to improve durability and increase mechanical strength while maintaining elasticity. Typical wiper blades are generally made of a single material, they do not have the ability to be strong and flexible at the same time. However, KIMBLADE uses different materials for different parts. Compared to the upper part that requires mechanical properties, the lower part requires smooth movement over glass and water repellency. By applying different materials, KIMBLADE is able to have excellent mechanical properties and functions as a special purpose wiper.

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