Moovy Bag is the newly launched high-tech bag that not only comes in a chic & fashionable design but also charges electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, all at once. The classic looking urban carry has been designed to be very functional and it can comfortably and safely accommodate all the electronics pros carry around. It’s an advanced and fashion forward version of the classic leather briefcase.
High Tech features of Moovy Bag
Moovy Bag comes with a built-in power bank that allows the devices to be charged from their designated pocket. It consists of magnetic cables for charging devices in each compartment so that all the devices can be charged from one power source at the base of the bag.
The use of magnetic cables means there is no need for the user to plug in the device everytime they wish to charge it. They can just slide the device into its compartment for charging it.
The power bank attached to the bag is removable and rechargeable via cables and solar panels, which means the devices can be charged on the go.
The bag comes with optional magnetic cables, micro USB, triple head lighting, extra memory hub and USB-C connectors for those who’re always on the go and may need their devices anytime.
The bag also comes with a WiFi File Sharing Hub for users to easily share files and data with others.

Functional feature of Moovy Bag
The bag is minimalist in design and the built-in cables keep it mess-free.
This bag is essentially a tiny office that can be carried as a backpack or a shoulder bag.
The Moovy Bag goes seamlessly with both business and casual attire.
The material used in the construction of the bag is fine Italian leather with an anti-scratch canvas and has water repellent properties. The bag is built to last for decades.
Moovy Bag comes in different styles and colors and works for all kinds of devices including Android, iPhones, tablets, Macbooks etc.

Who is it for?

The Moovy bAG was developed by digital nomads for digital nomads, and was made with their needs in mind. For those time when entrepreneurs, freelancers, and commuters don’t have access to a charging point or forget to bring their power bank. With this all in one ‘smart’ bag, the user can leave their home without any worries of running out of battery on any of their devices.

For more information and to pre-order at heavily-discounted early bird prices during crowdfunding, visit the MOOVY BAG Campaign Page on Kickstarter.

Price start at 149$.
Campaign ends on September 14th.

About OUI Smart

OUI Smart founded in 2015 by Julien Long and Bruno Lin, is a company dedicated to delivering sustainable, high quality tech solutions that improve everyday life.
While the pair spent 2 years connecting with other start-ups that were looking to launch through crowdfunding campaigns, and representing them as they went on to sell their products in the French market, they gain a lot of insight into this experience. Now, it’s time for them to dive into their own waters with the game-changing Moovy Bag.

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