Designed to train you into nailing your swing, the FireImpact6 is a universal golf club attachment that tracks movement and velocity, helping you perfect your swings. Designed to sit at the end of your golf club’s shaft, right near the club-head, the FireImpact6 sports an array of sensors that detect your swing speed. A light located on the FireImpact6 lights up when you hit the perfect speed, and repeated practice can help you get it to light up at the right time, just before the club strikes the golf ball.

Designer: Dr. Erich Chun

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The FireImpact6 device comes in two variants, a Level 1 model (with a red light) for swing speeds below 94mph, and a Level 2 model (with a blue light) for speeds exceeding 94mph. The devices sport an adjustable ring that lets you dial in your desired swing speed. Once the dial’s been set, just attach the FireImpact6 to your golf club using the plastic attachment module and begin swinging. When your swing hits the desired speed, the light on the FireImpact6 begins glowing. You can then turn the dial and raise the speed higher to improve your swing, which directly translates to an increase in the travel distance on your golf ball.

Youngin Chun, LPGA

At what moment the ring lights up plays a crucial role in your game too. If it lights up too early, your swing reached its maximum speed too fast, and if it lights up too late, chances are your swing ended up reaching the right speed well after you hit the ball. The ideal scenario is to get the FireImpact6 to light up just inches away from your tee, so you get the most accurate shot possible.

Each FireImpact6 comes with its driver and iron attachment modules, and a set of new batteries pre-installed. The maker of the FireImpact6, Dr. Eric Chun (Ph.D. in Sports Science, Golfer, Trainer, and Commentator) says that just a week’s worth of training with the FireImpact6 can help improve your shots by 12 full yards. The FireImpact6 even comes with an endorsement from Youngin Chun, a professional golfer with the LGPA. You can grab your own FireImpact6 for $129 using the link below. Shipping begins in March 2022.

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