Created in Poland by Maciej Nowak, this transformable vehicle features an aluminum and carbon frame and boasts of delivering a torque that can meet the needs of the most experienced motocross enthusiasts. It is available in two versions that differ in terms of power, range, and weight. They are both equipped with a 56Ah battery.

There’s one version of the Noba One that comes with a QS 205 motor and offers a power of 10,000W. It delivers 180 Nm of torque, weighs 143 pounds (65 kg), and claims an insane range of up to 205 miles (330 km).

The other version is even more powerful, packing a QS 273 motor and boasting 18,000W and 250 Nm of torque. As for the range, you get up to 130 miles (210 km).

Both bikes can reach up to 68 mph (110 kph), and you can opt for three colors: blue, red, or black.

Easily turning a motorcycle into a bicycle and vice versa is the strongest selling point of the Noba One. Its simple design and construction make the bike practically maintenance-free, and the lack of a gearbox makes its handling extremely easy, even for the most inexperienced riders.

Moreover, Nowak claims the Noba One is more stable than commercially available bikes and can accommodate larger battery packs.

Right now, the 2 in 1 vehicle is trying its luck on Kickstarter. The campaign has just launched, so there are still almost two months until it ends. A hefty pledge of approximately $6,800 (€6,000) will get you the QS 205/10,000W version, customized for your specific taste, height, and weight. If you want the more powerful version, you have to pay an extra €1,000 ($1,130). Deliveries are estimated for September 2022.

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