1 Pocket Tripod PRO

Real carbon fiber legs. Select the color when ordering.
10.0 MM Adapters come pre-installed, and can be swapped with any other size necessary.

7 Adapters pairs

Interchangeable Adapters are included in 7 of the most common sizes:
7.5 MM to 10.0 MM & 12.5 MM
These sizes fit will provide a snug fit for phones and cases.

Fit card

For measuring thickness (size) of mobile device. Can also be used as an 18% grey card for calibrating your camera’s White Balance adjustment.


Step by step user manual with illustrations and tips.


Reusable high-density foam with dedicated compartments for each Adapter size for easy access and storage.

1 Credit for additional adapters

For 1 extra pair of Adapters in any of the 7 uncommon sizes not included.
Sizes: 6.0 MM to 7.0 MM and 10.5 MM to 12.0 MM (free shipping).
Each box has a unique code inside. If you buy an additional pair of Adapters in the size you need before receiving your Universal Kit, we can still refund you for it by applying the code inside your box manually. Simply email us a picture of the code inside of your Universal Kit box after you receive it. Each unique code is worth $5 USD applicable to the purchase of Adapters only and does not expire.

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