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By Mark Pavilons

The cold is no longer a hurdle for outdoor enthusiasts and pain sufferers.
Thanks to the efforts of Canadian company Quanta Vici, their high-end heated wearables make any outdoor task more enjoyable, and fashionable.
They’ve definitely raised the bar to almost unreachable levels with their remarkable heated gloves and socks. While there are several types on the market today, none come close to Quanta Vici in terms of looks, design and function. To put it simply, they’re the best.
Quanta Vici is the first-ever smart heated wearables on the market. They’re stylish, thin and comfortable.
With the app’s help, you can set the precise temperature you’d prefer (whether it is 35 degrees or 55). The app interface is super user-friendly, and it is easy to control. It has more than 30 features, including an anti-theft function.
“​We raised the bar by prolonging the battery life significantly,” according to a company spokesperson. “On the highest mode (55 degrees), our wearables last up to 6 hours, compared to the average of 2 hours on the market. On top of that, they are super thin, breathable, and not bulky.”
After years of prototyping and thorough market research, the company reached the “ideal of the synergy of technology and fashion.”
Chic is definitely a way to describe their style.
The main inspiration of founder Adrien Beyk was people who were suffering from medical conditions such as Raynaud’s, arthritis, migraines, and muscle pain. After analyzing the wearables market, he realized that something was missing, and the creation of Quanta Vici was the solution to the problem.
The Canadian cold was the perfect breeding ground to marry heat with high-end fashion.
Company surveys reveal the bulk of the customers are those who suffering from Raynaud’s; skiers/snowboarders; hiking and adventure lovers; outdoor photographers and nature lovers.
This spring, the company is launching its smart heated leather gloves, vests and jackets. The lines for men & women will be separated (focusing on women’s aspect of menstrual cramps and back pain), and the materials will be sustainable and animal-free.
The socks ride high on the leg and are quite comfortable. While they may look like “average” warm socks, they integrate a smartness that’s simply amazing.
The women’s gloves are gorgeous and form-fitting. These simply shout luxury.
Even the men’s gloves, with a bit a utilitarian flavour, are strong and sturdy without being bulky.
They charge just like smart phones and the heating system contains sensors. The gloves also have touchscreen compatible fingertips.
This synergy of luxurious wearables with modern technology that is an ideal solution for a wide range of customers.
The company’s meteoric rise is a testament to the vision and the products themselves.
In less than one year, Quanta Vici has strategically gone from a Kickstarter project to selling its products at Best Buy, allowing thousands of consumers to experience smart heated wearables for the first time.
“We have had a great start, but this is exactly what it is, only the beginning,” said Beyk. “The National Defence of Canada is now keeping real-life ‘James Bonds’ warm and in style with Quanta Vici’s products. Despite the challenges of the global pandemic, including the shortage of silicon chips and supply chain issues, our startup overcame them with flying colors.”
Yes they’re a bit pricey, but we are talking the top of the line of heated apparel here. The packaging alone, even before you open it, screams high-end.
The launch of their Smart Heated Wearable Tech was designed towards being universal, meaning other brands, across fashion, sports, and even therapeutics, can easily licence and integrate Quanta Vici’s technology into their own styles of products.



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