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Recess Games Bag –

Bloodborne: The Board Game – In Bloodborne: The Board Game, a campaign-based action-adventure game, players will take on the role of Hunters working together against the game to uncover the mysteries hidden within the city of Yharnam and beyond.

Bloodborne: The Board Game Blood Moon Kickstarter –

This is the base Kickstarter Set for Bloodborne the Board game and includes:
– Bloodborne: The Board Game
– Chalice Dungeon
– Blood Moon Box
– Mergo’s Loft

Bloodborne: Full Moon Set Kickstarter –

Grab all the add-ons for the BloodBorne Kickstarter in One pack!

– Hunter’s Dream
– Forsaken Cainhurst Castle
– Forbidden Woods
– Hunter’s Dream Extras
– Cainhurst Extra
– Yahar’Gul, Unseen Village
– Upper Cathedral Ward
– Byrgenwerth

Dark Hip Hop by RamolPro

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