only if you consider rebuys of similar games like

Sprawlopolis is similar to agropolis is similar to naturopolis.

But i own the following, because i try to get a different game mechanic or playstyle out of each one

  • Penny Rails – Track building with cards with stock management.

  • Sprawl – spatial puzzle card laying.

  • Rove – Spatial puzzle card management.

  • Pentaquark – Puzzle game using statistics

  • Space Shipped – pick up and deliver game

  • Antimony – 2 player trick making battle game (solo makes it a puzzle)

  • Liberation – Rebellion like 2 player game

  • Skulls of Sedlec – tableau building

  • Tussie Mussie – present 2 options to your opponents to try to hid or influence decisions.

  • Wonder Tales – central board tableau builder. (solo is great).

  • Circle the wagons – City building with I skip you have mechanic

  • Ragemore – trick making puzzler based loosely on turn conditions.

  • Universal Rule – 4x game, solo bot is easy to run.

  • Moving Pictures – Clever 2 player game with no talking, must infer from your teammate

  • Handsome – vocab word game

  • Food Chain Island – programing style puzzle on what order to do moves in.

  • Pick Pockets – deduction

  • Mint Julep – drafting, horse racing.

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