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You’ll get Two downloadable Star Trek Scrapbooks, created by Marc Zicree! These TWO SCRAPBOOKS are absolute historical gems (images are in the story section). These are collections of Star Trek/sci-fi pictures, handwritten letters, autographs, newspaper clippings, and magazines articles from 1966-1969!! All of these images were collected by Marc Zicree 50 years ago and kept safe in these scrapbooks since then. Every page of these two scrap books will be scanned and sent to you along with a note about it all from Mr. Zicree.

You’ll also receive a digital VIDEO of Marc going through the Scrapbooks and sharing memories with Nichelle Nichols on the set of Space Command.

We’ll also send you a digital STAR TREK TIME CAPSULE which includes a bundle of videos, papers, etc.. from yesteryear.

Lastly, you will also get a “THANKS” CREDIT in the end credits of Forgiveness Part Two as well as on IMDb!
(If you don’t have an IMDb page, we’ll make one for you!)


  • Scan of Star Trek Scrapbook Vol. 1
  • Scan of Star Trek Scrapbook Vol. 2
  • Scan of Star Trek Time Capsule
  • Thanks credit in End Credits of Episode 4 and on IMDb
  • Space Command Soundtrack Digital Download
  • Art of Ian McCaig Digital Perk
  • Digital Press Kit
  • Donor’s Only VIP Group


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