In my case, after the merger, I didn’t have any issues until I replaced my SIM card. Once, it was mentioned that they were offering new SIM cards to complete the merger. I jumped at the chance to get the process done and get everything over with it. However, I didn’t expect the issues with my connections. I ended up having to switch back to my old SIM card thankfully to many very patient customer service reps after the many unsuccessful attempts. So, eventually, I am concerned about having to do it again later this year. Months later, I received letters about the changes to my insurance program under my state. Which offered the state minimum just a replacement plan, which I had for over a decade. I never had any issues under sprint even with their newer plans; I still had my insurance. Then, it was taken away, and I no longer had that option. Wasn’t given a cheaper option what’s so ever. I think it’s already been a pretty bumpy start on my end. Next thing, they’ll raise the prices.

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