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SUPERHEXA Vision AR glasses give new meaning to being ‘camera-ready’. These smart wearables are always at the ready – available anytime and anywhere – without the usual concerns of outdoor glare and need to get into position to take a shot. Whatever image or scene you like the look of, your Superhexa Vision glasses are ready to capture the moment. This is the next level up from even the very best mobile phone or conventional camera.

These smart glasses don’t confine you to the virtual world. In fact, they open doors to seeing the real world through new eyes.

The team at SUPERHEXA Vision is committed to providing you with a fully immersed Augmented Reality experience, as well as helping you capture new possibilities in whichever ‘real’ environment you are in.

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Flexible AR

The AR that empowers reality

Now the power of the virtual world provides tools for an even richer real-world experience.

There is nothing more fascinating than where we are right now in this time-space reality. With SUPERHEXA Vision we expand the depth and breadth of what can be seen and captured in the real world. By breaking through the limitations of our human vision, we embrace a greater ability to explore the world and catch a glimpse of what our future holds.

So cool!

The NCVM coating of the glasses process has created a unique futuristic blue shine that not only looks uber-cool but also surpasses industry standards.

Zoom In Using Your Eyes

The most powerful camera system in the history of eyewear, SUPERHEXA Vision is the first in the field of eyewear to apply the dual camera solution. This dual camera provides the very best visual options at every moment. There’s no ‘lining up a shot’ or positioning yourself differently, you just take in the view and record the moment simultaneously.

For a truly hands-free experience, Superhexa Vision is also fully supported with voice control so there’s no need to press a button, just speak your command.

SUPERHEXA Vision v Google Glass Specs

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