Dimensions: 2.825 by 3.825 inches
Thickness when filled with six cards and two bills: 0.4 inch
Card slots (not including cash pocket): five
Material: Tyvek
Colors: black/gray, black/orange, black/red, brown/orange, gray/orange, green/white, orange/white, blue cubic, orange cubic, Monyou wave, Monyou flower, orange, blue, black, red/white, white
Warranty: None, as the wallet will eventually wear to the point of needing to be discarded, but you can earn a $5 credit on your next Slimfold purchase. When your old wallet wears out, buy a new Slimfold Micro Tyvek or Micro Soft Shell wallet on the Slimfold site, and once the receipt for the new wallet comes in, reply via email requesting your refund. When Slimfold confirms your order history, you get five bucks back.

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