If you’re in need of something a little more comfortable to sit on as you cycle to and from work, have you considered arguably the most comfortable bike seat there is – the memory foam-padded bike seat or gel bike saddle?

With a gel bike seat, you’ll be able to adopt a more upright cycling position, while enjoying even more at ease than you ever did before. Best for commutes of short to medium distance, the gel cushioning moulds to your body shape to provide extreme comfort as you ride.

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Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Bike Seats

Although both men and women can sit on any bike seat, women’s bike seats tend to be wider, with a shorter nose. This is due to women tending to have wider hips and ‘sitting bones’.

However, everybody is different and has their own tastes, so some may prefer a saddle with either a small indent in the saddle or no accommodation at all. This can be suitable and beneficial for both sexes, too.

While many bike seat manufacturers will offer a large variety for women, there is still a lot less available to them in comparison with men in many cases.

For the most part, a man’s saddle would not cause a woman many problems, if any at all (data from Giant reports that 80 per cent of men and roughly the same proportion of women have a forward-tilting pelvis, for example), it is important to remember the key differences in anatomy which lead to there being gender-specific bike seats.

Most Comfortable Bike Seats for Men + Women

Never underestimate the importance of bike seat comfort. To many riders, the saddle is, in fact, the most crucial part of the bike; after all, if you are not comfortable, you won’t enjoy as strong or enjoyable a cycle, and can trigger long-term injuries in some cases. Even something as trivial as the best bike seat for your balls (seriously) can make a huge difference for male cyclists.

So, what are the best wide seats and most comfortable bicycle saddles for both men and women?

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Top 4: Get Bike Seats for Men + Women

Best Unisex Gel Seat

West Biking Unisex Waterproof Gel Seat

Best Men’s Padded Seat

Büchel Men’s Wittkop Medicus Saddle

Best Gel Seat for Women

Selle Royal Women’s Respiro Soft Moderate Saddl

Best Wide Seat for Women

Selle Royal Women’s Look In Moderate Saddle Saddle

Best Unisex Gel Seat

West Biking Unisex Waterproof Gel Seat

West Biking Bike Seat with Tail Light, Most Comfortable Bicycle Saddle, Wide Soft Gel Cycle Seat Cushion for Road Mountain Bike,Exercise Bikes,Spinning Bike,Hybrid Bike Best Men’s Padded Seat

Büchel Men’s Wittkop Medicus Saddle

Büchel Twin Saddle Wittkop Medicus 1.0 Trekking 91201 Men's Cycling Saddle – Black, One Size Best Gel Seat for Women

Selle Royal Women’s Respiro Soft Moderate Saddl

Selle Royal Women's Look IN Moderate Saddle, Black, Medium Best Wide Seat for Women

Selle Royal Women’s Look In Moderate Saddle Saddle

Selle Royal Women's Respiro Soft Moderate Saddle, Black, Medium

Best Unisex Padded Bike Seats

1. West Biking Unisex Waterproof Gel Bike Seat (£31.99)

This unisex comfort bike seat is made from soft, elastic and dense sponge padding with a fibre leather cover, allowing for enhanced comfort, wear-resistance and durability as you ride.

It’s also versatile, and will fit most types of bikes, including mountain bikes, road bikes and folding bicycles. Plus, it’s perfect for both a double-track seat tube and a clip seat tube.

It has a unique 3D groove design to reduce pressure and prvoide maximum comfort of your backside, while it is also well ventilated with a hole at the centre.

The padded bike seat also has a rear light to aid visibility when cycling in the dark. If you’re looking for the best bike seat for comfort, this is a safe bet.

2. Vandorm Unisex Airflow Gel Saddle Cushion (£18.96)

Another potential best bicycle seat for women is this unisex saddle by Vandorm helps you ride in comfort and boasts remarkable flexibility and control thanks to its gel cushioning.

Not only that, but its Airflow cutout helps boost blood flow, thus reducing numbness as you ride, and is another particularly ergonomic zone, which only adds to the comfort even further. If that wasn’t enough, it also comes with a saddle mounting bracket.

3. Dripex Wide Unisex Gel Bicycle Seat (£16.14)

Available in blue, green, black or black, , this waterproof pad is the first we’d potentially say is the best bike saddle around – perfect for both men and women, and for both mountain bikes and road bikes. It’s also a wide bike seat that many people find more comfy.

It’s easy to assemble, and comes with a complimentary mounting wrench, too.

The tail light has three modes, in order to maximise your nightime visibility.

The double shock-absorbing rubber elastomer balls, high-density gel foam padding, and breathable PVC surface all make for a comfy ride.

4. Youngdo Unisex Comfy Bike Saddle –  Memory Foam Bike Seat (£26.99)

This unisex padded bike seat fits nearly all types of bicycle and, thanks to being made of memory foam, it is a leather bike seat boasting great elasticity yet also great softness – making it a contender for the most comfortable bike saddle.a perfect bike seat cushion

It acts almost like a perfect bike seat cushion thanks to both its memory foam and the dual spring on the underside, which absorbs the shock pressure, making the saddle even more pleasant and secure to sit on.

The seat’s cavity helps keep it both dry and breathable, too, which helps give it a longer shelf life.

Its surface is made of breathable PU leather, making it softer, more water-repellent, more slip-resistant and more wear-resistant than PVC leather, and making it another great choice for commuters travelling longer distances.

5. Zacro Gel Bike Seat Cover With Black Waterproof Saddle (£14.99)

An extra-comfortable cover, this Zacro design is made from thick gel which only helps relieve any pains further while cycling, while the bicycle saddle itself is waterproof, too.

Great for longer cycles, the seat cover is made of durable silicone gel, and so is built to last longer than the average gel bike seat cover.

Not only is it easy to mount on to your bike, but you can rely on the cover to stay in place and not re-adjust over time. It will also fit saddles of most sizes, too.

Most Comfortable Bike Seat for Men

6. Büchel Men’s Wittkop Medicus Cycling Saddle (£26.82)

Designed especially for sporting bicycles that travel long distances, this black, one-size gel padded bike seat is anatomically optimised to provide maximum comfort for you as you ride.

This is only enhanced by its five-step design, splitting the saddle into five different padded zones, and particularly by the extra padding on the back zone. What’s more, this special design also distributes pressure caused by pelvic rotation over the entire seat area.

7. Pioneeryao Men’s Gel Bike Saddle (£17.75)

This comfy bike seat comes with reflective patches; these can reflect surrounding lights to protect you when cycling in the dark.

A hollow middle of the seat makes it more breathable, allowing you to shed more heat and sweat, which is useful on longer riders.

This men’s bike saddle is filled with artificial Gel which, compared to plastic polymer, enhances your comfort by reducing 40 per cent of pressure towards your prostate and your sciatic region.

Available in multiple colours.

Most Comfortable Bike Seat for Women

A padded wide bike seat is certainly one of the most effective ways of making a bike ride feel more can make riding more comfortable, especially for beginner cyclists. The gel cushioning will mould around your body shape to offer the optimum level of comfort. While it can become compacted more quickly than a memory foam bike seat, it is great for casual rides/riders.

Below, we will look at two that could claim to be the most comfortable bike seat for ladies:

Best Wide Bike Seats for Women

When it comes to the width of your saddle, again, it largely depends on what type of cyclist you are. If you are a more casual rider, you might want a wider seat to offer stronger support (though a padded narrow bike seat may be a good idea if you begin to chafe). The more upright and the more slowly you ride, the wider you’ll need your saddle to be.

Here’s two wider models for women to consider:

8. Selle Royal Women’s Look In Moderate Cycling Saddle (£43.98)

This wide bike seat from Selle Royal is perfect for female cyclists who often sit at a 60-degree spine angle, and boasts a handy integrated clip system for attaching a light or a bag to, for good measure.

Not only that, but it has a partially transparent surface, meaning riders can feel how the padding flexes and react accordingly. The gel inside it also promises the highest level of comfort, reducing pressure peaks by as much as 40 per cent in some cases.

Its non-deformable elastomers will absorb shocks, while the silver scuff guards of with wide bike saddle will prevent damage caused by scratches. All in all, it’s perhaps the most comfortable women’s bike seat on the market.

9. Selle Royal Women’s Respiro Soft Moderate Cycling Saddle (£53.46)

Another highly comfortable bike seat from Selle Royal, its Royal gel guarantees maximum pleasure as you cycle, also reducing pressure peaks by up to 40 per cent.

In addition, this ladies’ bike seat has a ventilation channel which relieves pressure on the perineal area while reducing uncomfortable perspiration, and also comes with an integrated clip system at the rear of the saddle to easily attack a light or saddle bag.

If that wasn’t enough, this soft bike seat is up to 25°C cooler than normal black saddles due to its special material which reflects sunlight more efficiently than most.

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