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When it comes to custom-fitted and personalized clothing, you probably think of a long and drawn out in-person fitting process with a tailor and astonishingly high prices on the best work clothes for men. I thought so too, until it came time to review Woodies chinos and dress shirts. 

People come in all shapes and sizes that don’t necessarily fit into the typical alpha sizing structure, so for many guys, having clothes made specifically for them is the only way to get the perfect fit. Fortunately, Woodies Clothing makes that process easy and affordable.

Founded in 2014 by Jacob Wood, the NYC-based startup uses key measurements like inseam, neck, sleeve, and waist sizes, along with height, weight, and desired fit to guarantee perfectly fitted clothing made just for you. Previously, I went through the ordering process and was genuinely pleased with how well their shirts and pants fit.

After two its successful Kickstarters, the brand now succeeds in making clothing even more comfortable and functional with their performance chinos and performance dress shirts. By using a direct-to-consumer business model, the brand offers its custom affordable men’s clothing at lower prices than department stores. 

Woodie Performance Chinos Woodies Clothing

When Woodies announced that it would be releasing performance chinos and dress shirts, I had to give them try — not knowing I’d end up being more impressed than the last time.

The performance chinos feature a cotton and polyester two-way stretch material that repels stains, wicks moisture, and resists wrinkles. The performance dress shirts use a cotton and stretch twill blended antibacterial material that stays fresh on top of repelling stains, wicking moisture, and resisting wrinkles. 

Compared to most performance workwear that uses four-way stretch materials, Woodies isn’t the most technical choice on the market, but the ability to customize it makes it far better than competitors. You get to choose pleats, pockets, and hem styles — and if you’re a returning customer like myself, the ordering process is super quick since your sizing into is already on file.

In the past, I’ve reviewed several different performance pieces from other brands, and although I liked the materials, I haven’t worn them as much as I’d like because the fit isn’t the greatest. You will find that most brands offer alternative fits like slim or trim, but they still don’t fit everyone. I tried one pair in particular that needed the inseams tailored before I could even wear it. When reviewing Woodies, I had absolutely no issues or gripes with the style or fit.

Woodies Performance Dress Shirt Woodies Clothing

I really enjoyed customizing the dress shirt for my Woodies review because, naturally, there are more options. You get to choose the collar and cuff styles, and if you want, you can turn it into a short sleeve. You also have the ability to add a pocket and for an extra $10 add a custom monogram to the cuff. I personally think this is a worthwhile touch because its something not typically offered on dress shirts, let alone the best performance dress shirts.

The bottom line

My overall impression from my review of Woodies is that they make some of the most comfortable, extremely well-fitted chinos and dress shirts. They aren’t the stretchiest pieces of performance workwear, but unless you’re working out in them (realistically you won’t be), they’ll give you enough mobility to wear comfortably all day long. If you’re looking for dress clothes that are guaranteed to fit your body exactly, Woodies Clothing is the best place to shop.

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