Bury Design is an Australian studio that specializes in creating leisure and commercial vessels. The firm frequently develops new ways to shake up the industry, such as a concept yacht they’ve devised, called the Inception 24.

The yacht was proposed to counter the average dayboat and looks as if it jumped out of a James Bond film. More than just looks, the 79-foot narrow build was inspired by racing yachts and holds speed, comfort, and efficiency at its core. Inception 24 will be powered by a hybrid diesel-electric propulsion combo and contain a large battery bank and electric drive, providing for a smooth and silent trip for over 15 knots at a time. Additionally, customers can up the speed to around 40 knots through a fully foil-borne, electric drive solution that will be available if the boat goes into production.

Inception 24 can accommodate up to 12 guests on day trips and four for overnight adventures. Although the boat is still in the conceptual phase, Bury Design founder, Paul Bury, is confident that this sleek yacht will be sailing the seas soon enough.

In other news, Mercedes-Benz updated its Military-Spec G-Wagen.

This article originally appeared on https://hypebeast.com/2021/10/bury-design-inception-24-concept-yacht