We talk through our 5 TOP TIPS to make a successful Kickstarter Video!

So you’ve got the project idea but need the funding and want to do a Kickstarter – but wait did you know that your Kickstarter is 85% more likely to succeed with a Kickstarter video!

Wow with those types of statistics why would you launch a Kickstarter without a video!!

We made a Kickstarter video with artist and illustrator Seb Chow
His comic Catapulted was successfully funded on July 30, 2017
by £1,543 with 114 backers.

Check out Seb’s kickstarter page here:

Check out the Kickstarter video that we made here:

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This video originally appeared on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWbTyS_kDGQ