It is important that you buy a helmet specially designed for an electric bike because of the speeds that they can achieve. A regular bike helmet may offer adequate protection for most speeds, but if you are cruising down the street at 28 mph then you are going to want an electric bike helmet with much more protection. The good news is that there are plenty of options out there. Below you will find the best electric bike helmets on the market and where you can buy them.

What is different about an electric bike helmet?

Electric bikes are classified into different classes based on their top speed. A class 1 electric bike is one that goes less than 20 mph and has a pedal assist system only. A class 2 electric bike goes less than 20 mph and has a pedal assist system and/or throttle assist. A class 3 electric bike is the highest class and allows for an ebike to reach a maximum speed of 28 mph with pedal assist and has a speedometer.

State laws and classifications may be different state by state, so be sure to check what class your ebike is in. Most quality electric bikes meet these requirements and offer modes that lock the bike into whatever class is legal in their area.
When traveling 20+ mph you are going to want some extra protection. Electric bike helmets quipped with a MIPS system adds an extra layer of protection by using high quality foam and a floating system that reduces head trauma from rotational forces. DOT certified helmets offer the highest level of protection and meet standards set by the Department of Transportation.

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The best electric bike helmets

Thousand heritage electric bike helmet

Thousand: Heritage electric bike helmet

The Thousand Heritage ebike helmet is possibly the most popular helmet on the market because it is such a head turner. It has an old school 1950s motorcycle helmet look, but is engineered for the modern bicycle rider. While the helmet may look like a heavy steel helmet, it is actually not and is extremely lightweight. While it doesn’t feature a MIPS safety system or a DOT certification, it is dual-certified as a bicycle and skateboard helmet. 

More than 12 color options

We’re biased towards the classic black, but there is a color for everyone!

Theft protection

There is a hidden compartment on the helmet where you can connect a U-Lock or chain lock to your bike so you don’t have to lug your helmet around with you.

Dial fit system

Getting a helmet to fit compfortable can be challenging. The Thousand: Heritage comes in small, medium, and large and is equipped with a dial fit system to make sure you get the perfect fit.

No MIPS safety system or DOT certification

If you’re looking to cruise above 20 mph on your electric bike, this might not be your best option. If your sticking to 20 mph and below, it’s an excellent option.

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Ruroc atlas electric bike helmet

Ruroc: Atlas 2.0 ebike helmet

Ruroc helmets are another very popular electric bike helmet. If you’re looking for a full face helmet and want the sickest looking helmet on the market, then look no further. This helmet features a tinted visor which is great for sun glare and keeping bugs off your face while riding. It also has an adjustable chin vent to keep you cool and help with air flow when breathing. You can even upgrade your helmet with a Bluetooth audio system so you can listen to music while riding!

Full face protection and DOT certified

The helmet is made out of aerospace grade carbon-fiber allowing it to be strong and lightweight. It is DOT certified and has an easy-release system for emergency removal.

30 different styles

Between the Ruroc: Atlas 2.0 and 1.0 there are over 30 colors and designs to choose from. The ones above are tame compared to some of the other intricate designs they offer.

Sun blocking visor

Sometimes wearing sunglasses while ebiking can be annoying, especially when you start to sweat. You won’t have to worry about that with the equipped anti-fog visor.

High cost

Since this is classified as a motorcycle helmet it is much more expensive than your typical ebike helmet.

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Bell annex electric bike helmets

Bell: Annex MIPS electric bike helmet

Bell has been a trusted helmet company since the 1950s and specializes in motorcycle and cycling helmets. Just about every Bell helmet will be a great electric bike helmet, but we recommend the Bell: Annex because of it has a ton of ventilation, a visor, and offers a model with MIPS for extra safety. Also, it just looks cool!

MIPS protection

If you are planning to use your ebike to commute to and from work a helmet with a multi-directional impact system (MIPS) gives you an extra layer of safety.

7 helmet vents

Not only does the Annex have multiple air vents to keep you cool, the top of the helmet is dotted with holes for maximum airflow.

Built in visor

Having a visor, even a small one, on your helmet is underrated. For me personally, this is a much have feature in all helmets.

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Bell scout air bike helmet

Bell: Scout Air ebike helmet

Technically this helmet is for motorcycles, but if you ride your ebike on busy streets a lot it might be a good option to consider. The Scout Air comes in about a dozen colors and offers an optional full face shield to help protect you form the elements.

DOT certified

The Bell: Scout Air is certified by the Department of Transportation and thus meets all of their safety requirements for motorcycle helmets.

2 visors included

The helmet includes both a short and long visor that you can snap on and off easily to help block out the sun.


The helmet weighs about 2 pounds which is heavy for an ebike helmet. For reference the Bell: Annex above weighs just under a pound.

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Bern Hudson electric bicycle helmet best seller

Bern: Hudson ebike helmet

If you are like me and like everything you own to have some sort of technology built into it then the Bern: Hudson is for you. This helmet features an LED light in the back of the helmet that can be set to steady, flash, or pulse. The LED light paired with the MIPS system makes the safety rating on this helmet go way go.

Based on our site analytics, this is the most popular helmet with our readers! (Updated December 12, 2020) 

Super lightweight

Weighing in at 3/4 pounds this is the lightest helmet on our list – that is even with factoring in the weight of the LED light.

LED light

Whether you are riding at night or during the day, having an LED light on your helmet helps drivers notice you on the road.

MIPS certified

MIPS protection reduces the rotational motion from impacts.

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Urban helmets USA bigbore ebike helmet

Urban Helmets USA: BigBore

Urban Helmets is a Brazilian brand that recently entered the US market and is gaining popularity on the east coast for its unique take on a familiar style. Urban helmets are great if you want the feel of a traditional motorcycle helmet with a trendy new twist.

Open face design

The design of this helmet allows you to still feel the air on your face while providing protection to your face and chin.

DOT certified

If it is good enough for the Department of Transportation then it’s good enough to make our list!


This bad boy weighs in at over 3 pounds which make it the heaviest helmet on the list. If you’re looking for something lightweight then this helmet is not for you.

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Lumos smart helmets ebike

Lumos Helmets for ebikes

Lumos helmets started off as a Kickstarter campaign that exploded in popularity. Since then they have released new models of their high tech helmets (which raised $1.5 million on Kickstarter). These things are packed with features like: color changing LED lights, turn signals, and head lamps. If you are looking for something with a sleek design, will keep you safe, and also turn a few heads then look no further than Lumos.

LED lights galore

Depending on the model you can get a helmet with a headlamp and turn signals or go the more extravagant route with a fully customizable color changing LED light array.

MIPS certified

Lumos makes sure that the helmets are not only flashy, but also safe with built in MIPS protection.

Companion app

This helmet has its own app to customize the LED light system to your unique needs.

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So which helmet should I buy?

All of the above helmets would make excellent options for your electric bike. The decision you have to make is what kind of rider are you and what level of protection do you want.

If you use your ebike in more casual settings like bike trails then you probably do not need the extra safety of a DOT certified helmet or a helmet with a MIPS safety system in it. If you are commuting to work each day on streets with cars or are planning to take your ebike off roadIng then you will want a higher quality helmet.

And lastly, if your a tech geek like myself, you may want to choose a helmet with as many features as possible. 


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