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Art Viger Lead Designer and Peter Lockett Supply Chain Director delve deeper into the details of the Peak Design Travel Line which is currently live on Kickstarter at

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If you want to head to a specific section, there are some titles and timestamps below:
Storage and accessing small items in the backpack – without using the Tech Pouch
Laptop/Tablet Sleeve (3:24)
Strap Adjusters (5:16)
Strap builddesign (7:07)
Padded Waist Straps (9:15)
Different Builds of People wearing the Backpack (10:48)
More on the design of the Back Panel (12:12)
Is it possible to either attach a Slide Strap or extend a shoulder strap in such a way to carry the backpack over one shoulder duffle style? (13:31)
Could you fit a Hydration Bladder in the Laptop compartment? (15:50)
Compression and expansion (17:08)
External Carry (22:30)
Secret stash pockets and Capture attachment point on waist strap (27:35)
Rain Fly (29:38)
Rain Fly compatibility with EDB range (32:41)
Packing Tools (36:04)
Materials (44:50)
Camera Cube Components (48:14)
Packing Cubes/Pouches (53:08)
Tech Pouch (56:08)
Wash Pouch (61:26)

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