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Art Director Lawrence Lander and Chief Designer Art Viger go deep on the Travel Line, answering backer questions about travel workflows and packing tools. Don’t have 20 minutes to spare? Below are a list of time stamps so you can skip right to the info you’re looking for:

3:15 – Shoe Pouch overview
5:26 – Attaching Shoe Pouch to outside/inside of backpack
6:12 – C-Clip attachment points on Shoe Pouch
7:55 – Shoe Pouch size
8:03 – Shoe Pouch construction
9:55 – Shoe Pouch water resistance
11:55 – Packing Cube comparison
13:43 – Shoe Pouch stowability
14:42 – Cleaning Shoe Pouch
16:29 – Tech Pouch overview
18:10 – Carrying small cameras in Tech Pouch
18:45 – Anchor and C-Clip attachment points on the Tech Pouch
20:20 – Tech Pouch: can it carry an iPad or Kindle?
29:37 – Backpack: Why do the Side Access flaps open towards you, and not away from you?
25:42 – Backpack: Why pockets in the side access panels, as there is on the Everyday Backpack?
26:45 – 45L Backpack: pockets overview
30:35 – 45L Backpack: organization panel storage tips
34:40 – 45L Backpack: Bag sizing, carry-on standards, science stuff
38:13 – 45L Backpack compression snaps
43:00 – 45L Backpack external carry compression straps
43:25 – 45L Backpack side pockets and their secret stash pockets
45:30 – 45L Backpack ID Pocket
46:43 – Packing Cubes: dirty vs. clean storage
48:30 – 45L Backpack key tether compatibility
50:14 – Fitting different sized packing and camera cubes into backpack
56:50 – The 10L Sling inside the 45L Backpack
59:10 – Using the 45L Backpack for hiking

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