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The Vault duffle bag works with tabletop games, board games, card games, dice games, miniatures, and more. It works great directly with game boxes, all types of Gamefolios, and foam trays for cards and miniatures! It’s durable, highly-water resistant, padded construction is perfect for game nights with friends, traveling with your games, gaming conventions or tournaments, as well as taking care of your games at home. The Vaults innovative full zipper opening gives you easy access to everything inside. This latest version of the Vault has an upgraded padded handle with snap closure to let you get down to gaming lightning fast. It also has seat belt grade handles and shoulder straps. The side pouches can hold Small Gamefolios, Binder Gamefolios or additional games, snacks, drinks, electronics, pens, paper, and whatever else you need while gaming on the go!

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