Do you remember the Ceramic Speed ‘Driven’ drivetrain that first debuted at Eurobike in 2018? Well, a YouTube engineer has now created his own version that seems to be in full working order.

The Q is a channel run by an anonymous engineer who has previously created a bike that use circular saw blades as wheels to ride on ice and a fat bike with Formula 1 tyres. Of course, this is a bit more primitive than Ceramic Speed’s drivetrain, which is aiming to be fully shifting with even a full suspension mountain bike version in the pipeline, but it’s also taken a lot less time (and presumably money) to get to the prototype stage. Skip to 4:17 to see the bike in action.

bigquotes Imagine bicycle without chain. Can it work as well as regular one? Well.. let’s watch this cool experiment and find out. Yes, this prototype works but definitely needs some modifications.—The Q

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